Sanctuary Military

The Sanctuary military is divided into the army and navy. The army is much larger given Sanctuary only has one coast. The Army is divided into four groups, the Northern, Southern, and Western Guards, and the Foreign Legion. The Guard divisions are responsible for protecting the respective boarders. The Foreign Legion is dispatched to aid allies in conflicts outside of Sanctuary. The army has typically been small, as Sanctuary rarely gets into wars, and its natural borders provide great defenses.

The navy has only two division, the Blood Navy, and the Foreign Navy. The Blood Navy patrols the coastal waters of the Blood Sea and watches over trade routes. The Foreign Navy takes care of international engagements.

Military rankings
Knight-Marshall of the Armies – Supreme Commander of all armed forces, both army and navy.
Marshall of the Army/Navy – Subcommander of either the army or navy.
Knight-General/Admiral – Commander of a specific army or navy division. (Northern Guards, Blood Navy, etc)
Knight-Captain – Commander of a Quad, composed of 4 Companies.
Captain – Commander of a Company
Lieutenant – Commander of a Scale
Line Commander – Subcommander of a portion of a Scale. Usually 2-4 Line Commanders per Scale.
Knight – Commander of a Lance.
Sergeant – Commander of a Squad.

Unit sizes
Squad – 10-20 men
Lance – 100 men, 5-10 Squads
Scale – 1000 men, 10 Lances
Company – 3000 men, 3 Scales
Quad – 12000 men, 4 Companies

Sanctuary Military

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