Force Shapers draw essence and convert the raw energies into forms such as fire, lightning, gravity, light, wind, etc. These can be flashy fireballs, hurricane force wind, or flight. Or they can be use subtly to protect from the cold, allow you to walk up walls, light the way on a dark night, or create a light breeze to clear the fog. Force Shapers are the most common type of Shapers. Most Force Shapers have a primary element form that seems to come to them intuitively. It is difficult, but most can learn other forms with training and practice. The stronger the Shaper, the more essence they can draw at one time, thus the more intense or larger the resulting elemental effect. There are no known side effects for Force Shapers like other Ways, except there is always the risk of over drawing essence and burning oneself.

Force Shapers are seen in almost every part of civilization. The military obviously employs them for warfare. Fire Benders and Lightning Bearers are often seen in wars burning their ways through the ranks of the battle. Wind Riders are often seen on large ships to maintain full sails. Flight Masters can be seen bearing important messages across the skies or scouting. Many less powerful Force Shapers live regular lives and use their magic to make their days easier. Guards may create light instead of carrying a torch, a farmer may stir up a breeze to cool him during the day, a roofer may use gravity to keep him from falling.




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