The power of Command has a long and dark history. It has always been tied with stories of mental enslavement and whole towns falling under the control of a crazy madman. Reality is a bit more gray. Every Command Shaper has the potential to be evil, it is an inherent failing of mortal kind, rather than the magic. Some call them Mindlords out of fear, others call them Whisperers. The majority have no plans to control and manipulate others, and prefer to live their lives and use their powers to do good.

Command is a very rare power, even among the small Shaper community. If 1 in 1,000 people are Shapers, then another 1 in 1,000 Shapers are Commander users. Their are perhaps two dozen known Command Shapers in the world, and all are under the employ of governments or very wealth groups. They live a very privaleged life, but under constant scrutiny. Even their employers and friends may worry about possible mental coercion.

Command powers
Command covers a range of mental and emotional effects. The most feared are of course mental control and mind reading. Some of the other power include suggestion, emotional boosting or dampening, telepathy,



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