Sanctuary is the most peaceful country on the continent of Moroven. It’s a coastal land with the Blood Sea to its east. The Yellow River defines the southern border and the Skyreach Mountains dictate the northern border. Sanctuary has been a bastion of peace and stability for over 500 years, partly due to its natural borders. In the west, the land slowly changes from forests to rolling hills and then the dry Great Desert. Its western neighbor, the Kingdom of Durahan, is on good terms with Sanctuary, and the two share an open border.

Sanctuary has a mix of Constitutional and Hereditary Monarchy. The current king, Theon Veritas, is the 11th descendant of the Veritas line. The powers of the royalty and Senate are both exclusive and inclusive depending on the situation. Generally the royal family looks after the welfare of the people, and the senate looks after the welfare of the state. The military and constables are under direct supervision of the king and those he appoints. The Senate makes the laws, sets taxes and regulations.

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