The world of Errai is home to a variety of peoples, however large oceans and dangerous lands keeps most in their own neck of the woods.

Eastern Moroven is predominantly settled by humans. The Kingdoms of Kor, Durahan, and Uldan boast primarily human citizens. Durahan has a appreciable population of Elves. Sanctuary is the only nation with a sizable non-human population. This is due to the Sanctuary outlook on equality and peace.

The humans in Moroven have varying features and abilities depending on where they grew up. The various ethnic groups can be divided into:
Sanctian – Raised in the cosmopolitan country of Sanctuary, the people tend to be well rounded socially and mentally. The Sanctuary education system is one of the best. Childhood education begins at age 10 when all children can attend primary school for free. Primary school runs for four years and teach well rounded curriculum consisting of reading, writing, arithmetic, and civics. During primary school children typically spend the mornings learning a trade or helping at home then go to school in the afternoons. After primary school, some apprentice with a local tradesman, some return to the family trade, others choose to join the military, and the remaining few continue with further schooling.



Korian – The Korians are the descendants of the original settlers of the Six Kingdoms of Kor. Many claim some blood tie to the great Warlord Kor. The Korian are racially similar, but different in personality and outlook. Each of the six kingdoms functions independently of the others, with their own laws and armies.

The Naevar in Eastern Moroven are largely nomadic desert dwellers. They travel the Great Desert between settlements and oasis. As a people they are know as scavengers and craftsman. The roaming tribes of the Naevar collect anything deemed useful in their travels and craft impressive items from the scraps the desert gives up. They’re most famous for the Talic weapons and armor they produce from combinations of fibers of the Talic plant, bone, and sand. The weapons are just as sharp as steel, but but lighter and less durable. Talic armor has slightly reduced durability but is very light. The Durahanian army makes extensive use of Talic equipment for its soldiers largely for the light weight and ability to shed heat.

The Naevar are on average over six and a half feet tall with lithe bodies. They have very long limbs and fingers. For a seven feet tall Elf, their legs would make up over 60% of the height, and they would have over a four foot reach. Their hair color range from pale blonde to light brown. It rarely gets darker due to the constant sun exposure bleaching any hair left uncovered. They have a variety of eye colors. They have fine facial features with thin eyes adapted for the light of the desert, sharp noses, high brows and cheekbones. Their skin is smoothed by the winds of the desert. The Naevar are essentially immortal. They age very slowly, and look young for many centuries. However eventually they do show signs of old age and their strength wanes, but the essence running in their veins keeps them alive even in their infirm old age. Some Naevar find an eternal life of frailty and old age distasteful. To that end some take the Scar walk and go toward the Veil Scar and let the raw essence of the Immaterium take them.

Stat modifiers
The Naevar all have the ability to feel/sense the Veil and the presence of essence.
The Naevar in Eastern Moroven are well adapted for the harsh desert conditions.

The Dorne reside in one large city-state built against the cliffs of the Skyreach mountains. They tend to only be a little shorter than humans, averaging between five and five and a half feet tall. Their greatest difference from the other races on Errai are their four arms. The second set of arms are located below and slightly behind their shoulders. The second pair can reach behind as well as in front, though the front reach is shorter. A Dorne’s arms can cover a 300 degrees angle with full manual dexterity. Their hair, eye, and skin color vary across the board. There seems to be almost no commonality. They are great scholars. They have great libraries and can spend centuries in deep study. While they have great warriors, the majority of them are scholars. The lives of Dorne are generally measured in centuries, but no one has really seen an old one, or an young one for that matter. All the Dorne seen tend to be of middle age. Some guest that they are born in some secret location in the mountains and only enter the world at adulthood and reenter the mountain as they get old.


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